Back when I was growing up, there weren’t any of the modern luxuries that most people are accustomed to now.

In the south down where I was born and raised, we didn’t have air conditioning installed in our home until I was seventeen years old.

Now that many years have passed and the HVAC industry has evolved over time it seems to me that nobody can stand being without these things for more than a few minutes before people start losing their minds. My kids have been getting on my case as of late about upgrading my house and getting a new air conditioning unit. They love to complain every year whenever they come to visit for the holidays about how humid and miserable it is inside. I really don’t want to get rid of my old and reliable air conditioning unit that I have used for the past twenty years, but if I want my kids to keep to keep coming to visit me so I think it’s worth it. My eldest son helped me pick out the perfect a/c unit for my house down at the HVAC heating and cooling company in town, and I have to say, I have noticed a massive difference in the coolness and overall comfort ever since making a change to this “state of the art” unit. What’s even more important is that my monthly cooling bills are almost half as what they used to be! Now that I am realizing the luxury of having a state of the art unit, I have no clue how I have managed to go all this time without these modern luxuries.