Whenever I leave my home I always check to make sure everything is turned off plus safe.

  • There was 1 time a few years ago when my parents left their home plus something tragic happened because they didn’t check to make sure all of the appliances were off.

The heating plus cooling system in both my parents plus my home is pretty old. My parents used to have a space gas furnace plus 1 morning the left it on when they went out. Something fell on the space heater, plus you can assume what the result was. The fire department was called to the home plus my parents got a lesson in space gas furnace safety. After the incident my parents called an HVAC serviceman plus they decided that they wanted to install a oil furnace or something similar. My parents ended up going with a ductless mini chop system in the end. I have yet to get rid of my space heater, but it is only due to the high cost of replacing it. I have met with an HVAC serviceman plus I have plans to switch my system to a heat pump. I think that once I get rid of my space gas furnace my beach house will be much safer plus I will also save a great deal of money on my heating plus cooling costs. I never realized that s space gas furnace costs more money than newer options. It was pretty scary to see my parents space gas furnace cause a fire, plus that is why I am always so careful with mine.

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