Experiencing some extreme climate changes in the last few decades has made humanity fearful – as it should! There’s still an alarming amount of people who deny this phenomenon, or insist it’s just a natural part of life.

What about all the scientific evidence, huh? I don’t need all the scientific evidence to see what we’re doing to the planet, and what’s happening right in front of our eyes! Each summer, I am working into overtime just to be sure that the a/c is tuned up properly and ready for the summer season fast approaching. I know we are going to experience hotter and hotter seasons each summer, as the energy bills keep on rising! It’s so very hard to keep up with the changes to the environment, and I’m not sure how bad it will get from here. What I do know is that this is a real thing, and we need to do something about it to stay comfortable, right? The HVAC industry is coming out with better technology every day, with heating and cooling equipment that can provide plenty of improved air quality for us all. With far more energy efficiency than past years, the new HVAC technology is something we should be able to stay ahead of climate change by using. Inevitably, I will have to substitute the cooling system for a newer more efficient one soon. That’s just to keep our household cool without having to pay a fortune each month on energy bills! I want to have energy efficient technology, and I also want to have technology that is green and safe to use. A lot of this climate change has to do with all the pollution we create!


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