A few days ago when I was busy making dinner with my wife, we noticed that the air conditioning unit suddenly stopped functioning.

It was a hot summer night and we had been putting off an HVAC repair/checkup for a while now, so I called up our local HVAC company and set up an appointment for the next day.

When the HVAC repair tech arrived the next day, I was expecting it to be the usual guy then send who is quiet and somewhat rude. Even when we are extra nice to him and offer him a fresh cup of tea or coffee he just shrugs and doesn’t even say thank you. He always does a good job on getting the a/c unit so I tend to let it slide. The HVAC repair tech that showed up turned out not to be that man however, but someone who we had never met. From the moment that this new HVAC repair tech walked in until he left we were amazed by just how kind, funny, and gracious he was. On top of all of that, he was able to get the air conditioning unit up and running in under thirty minutes. We appreciated him coming out to help us and enjoyed his presence so much we even tried to tip him, but he was too courageous to accept it. I am somewhat glad that this accident with the a/c unit happened to us, because now we know who to ask for when we have future problems or installation needs with our air conditioning unit!


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