I wonder how many people even suppose of a mom and pop ice cream shop anymore.

All I know, is I loved a truly wonderful one as a kid.

My dad would take myself and others and our sibling there as a treat on occasion, and the two of us truly enjoyed it during the summer time time, in particular. Every one of us might go to an early dinner and then see a film and then end the evening at the ice cream shop. I distinctly remember that the ice cream shop had an a/c unit that could rest up to the worst of the summer time weather. It got to the point where the many of us fully anticipated tha fresh cool breeze from the air conditioning system as soon as the two of us opened up the jingling doors and walked inside. The ice cream shop itself was rather small with only a few tables for seating. I remember seeing the a/c unit mounted on the wall. Even as a child I could tell it was its own complete plan and I marveled at how well it was able to keep the whole store nice and cool, later on in life, I discovered just what that a/c unit was called. It was a ductless mini cut a/c. Me and our fiance ended up getting one for a room add on to our house. The a/c unit was just as effective in that room as I remembered it was in the ice cream shop many years before. It’s a funny little memory, even though I miss that place.


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