My child has been playing softball for 10 years, plus she plays in many bizarre leagues, one of those legs is the high college team, plus another is a county league.

The seventh league is for our local church.

My child gets a lot of exposure, plus she usually starts every game. She is harshly strong at seventh base, first base, plus shortstop. I think that she will gain a college scholarship in a few years, because some Scouts are already interested. My daughter’s county league is usually sponsored by the pizza shoppe, but they decided not to sponsor at the last hour, and without a local sponsor, the team cannot compete in any activities, games, or tournaments. It was a real disaster, especially many days before the opening tryouts. When our child is trying to impress college scouts, every one of us cannot miss an entire season of games! Luckily, a appealing AC repair contractor stepped up plus came to the rescue. They are new in town, plus a lot of the PTA members were surprised by the generosity. I was surprised as well, especially because it can be costly to be a softball team sponsor. The AC repair contractor didn’t have any problem coming up with some money for new uniforms that feature their AC repair contractor logo plus cellphone number. They were absolutely helpful plus supportive while in each game, plus they even gave the women with plenty of Gatorade, popcorn, plus water. They were a much better sponsor then the pizza shop, plus I hope they will continue sponsoring long after our child has left the league.

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