I’m getting more and more used to kicking it on my lonesome.

I deal with so many people while in my work morning anyway.

I have so many interactions and conversations that I’m frankly drained by the end of the work week. I just want to crawl in bed or on the couch and be alone for a while. Except for my cat; her corporation is almost always welcome, which is enjoyable because she gives it whether I love it or not; Yeah, so lately it’s officially myself and others and him on the weekends. I understand the appeal with going out on the weekends and enjoying yourself, I have done plenty of it. But the motion pictures are getting more and more expensive and I’m finding that I could cook up just about anything I could find at a restaurant for cheaper. Then there has the fact that I have complete control over the weather conditions control at home. I’m honestly recognizable about the rapidly changing temperatures that I care about and I make no apologies for it. There’s no 1 to protest when I turn the thermostat to a recognizable temperature. Well, perhaps that has not entirely true. When my cat is sitting on the couch staring at myself and others and meowing incessantly for no blatant reason, she might legitimately be complaining about the temperature for all I know. I love the coolness of the air conditioner most of all. My study room is love an igloo at night, I won’t lie. I love to sleep under a pile of blankets in a cold room.

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