Me and my husband just recently decided that we wanted to do a little something more with our beautiful sunroom.

Our sunroom offered a good look into our backyard and all of us found ourselves spending quite a lot of time in it. Naturally, our sun room was a burden when the season is extreme. For example, the sunroom was a little too hot in the summer time at certain times of the morning, especially when the sun was glaring through the windows. It was also pretty cold in the wintertime because of the lack of insulation or temperature control, but however, nature was no less good to observe while we were in the summer time or the winter, that was for sure! All of us decided that it would be a really good idea to turn our sunroom into an all-season room. In order to pull that off, we needed to make some renovations, contacting our local heating and cooling technician and getting some form of temperature control installed. We wanted to get rid of the window air conditioning units for the summer time since they are big, boxy and ugly! Setting up area heating systems in the Winter time, while potentially is a workable solution, it would just cause tripping and fire hazards. However, it just seemed like our best option was a ductless, mini-split Heating and Air Conditioning unit! All of us would not need to extend our ductwork from the rest of the home’s central heating and air system. Instead, the ductless mini-split Heating and Air Conditioning device consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor and condenser unit. Then the 2 separate components are joined by piping that creates no more than a 3-inch hole in the wall. In short, a ductless, mini split device was perfect for our needs!


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