My family and I just recently decided that the two of us wanted to do a little something more with our sunlight room.

Our sunroom gave a very appealing look into our backyard and the two of us found ourselves spending quite a lot of time in it.

Naturally, our sunlight room was a little less good during the different seasons of the year, and it was a little too tepid in the summer season, especially at certain times of the afternoon when the sunlight was glaring through the windows. It was also pretty chilly in the Winter time and we don’t spend a whole lot of time in there then because of the lack of insulation and temperature control. And nature is no less appealing to observe during the summer season or the Winter season, that was for sure. All of us decided to turn our sunroom into an all-season room where we would be able to enjoy it all of the time. In order to pull that off, the two of us needed to make some renovations especially when it came to some sort of heating and cooling system. Window air conditioning units for the summer season time would be big, boxy and ugly! Setting up little heating systems in the Winter season time, could work but it would just cause tripping and fire hazards and clutter. No, it seemed our best was a ductless, mini-split Heating & Air Conditioning unit! All of us would not need to extend our air duct from the rest of the home’s central heating and air system. Instead, the ductless mini-split Heating & Air Conditioning component consists of an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor and condenser unit. And the 2 separate components are joined by piping that creates no more than a 4-inch hole in the wall. In short, a ductless, mini split component was perfect for our needs in the sunroom.

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