Trying to heat and cool our large two story house has proven to be very difficult for us. We live in the northern part of the country and if you’ve ever been up here in the winter, you know that the temperatures can get down so low it’s not even funny! Sometimes I’m shocked when I look at the temperature on the thermometer outside. And sadly, sometimes I’m even more shocked when I check the temperature inside our house and our thermostat reads at a number as low as 62 degrees! When you have a really large house like ours, there certainly are a lot of pros and cons. Obviously, having a lot of living space can be a blessing, but trying to pay for the heating and the air conditioning in all of that living space can really drain your bank account if you’re not careful. We’ve tried a lot of different things to help keep up with the cost of heating and cooling, and most recently we decided to try something called zone control heating and cooling. Zone control heating and cooling is when you have more than one thermostat system in your home or office building. That way, you can adjust the temperature in the room or rooms you are actually in without having to use the air conditioning or heating to change the temperature in your entire house or building. It makes so much sense to me that now I don’t know why we didn’t think of it before! Now, when it’s hot out in the summertime, we adjust the temperature on the thermostat for the upstairs bedrooms at night because we like to sleep in the A/C. But with our new zone control thermostats, we don’t have to keep the entire house cooled down to 66 degrees all night long.

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