The very last thing anyone wants to find in the ducts of their central heating or cooling systems is a surprise, especially a surprise that is living. In a/c ducts living creatures can thrive quite easily. It is dark, moist, and dust bunnies really love to hang out in the air filter, so do many species of mold plus other substances with decay, and tons of people have seen cable shows where the plot involves some random person needing to climb into the air ducts to either hide or discreetly get to another area of the building. When these ducts are used for heating in the winter, it is less plausible to take into consideration that there might be living creatures hanging around. With that being said, this past year my Heating and A/C specialist had to get called out due to a persistent rattling sound, then upon showing up, she told me that whatever’s in there had to be supernatural, because the combination of moderate air flow in the winter, the metal conductive surfaces, plus the constant smell of burning dust was enough to make most living things turn the other way, and the Heating and A/C specialist told me that she would have to share this story with the entire Heating as well as A/C business, because she found something interesting. It must have been because my lovely wife always gets moderate flashes plus turns the on in between bouts of heating, however the Heating and A/C repair specialist found many big families of lizards who had, at some point, gotten into the duct toil and eventually went out when the heat was cranked up. There had to be at least twenty big ones, plus many smaller ones as well. What is a guy like me supposed to do with so many lizard bodies? I can’t lie, it seemed pretty sad.



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