There are plenty of people out there who would prefer to take home improvement matters into their own hands.

Installing a ductless system in the home is no different. However, watching a few how-to videos is not the answer when it comes to such a process. In fact, it is much better to spend the extra money for a professional HVAC technician. Self-installation for a ductless system will not only void any potential warranty on the equipment, but it also invites a lot of possibilities for an extremely dysfunctional HVAC system. If the air tubes on the ductless system are not sealed air-tight with the help of specific equipment made especially for that individual equipment, the interior of the ductless system is at stake. There are very sensitive electronic components inside of the ductless system that would be exposed to excessive rustling, causing the pieces to malfunction. The temperature reader, for example, would never be able to obtain an accurate reading, causing it to improperly heat or cool a room. There is also the need of certification to handle the coolant that goes into the ductless system, making it almost impossible for anyone other than a professional HVAC technician to get their hands on what they need for a correct ductless system installation. With all that in mind, the money spent on hiring a professional HVAC technician to install a ductless system is nothing compared to what it would cost to repair the damage or replace the unit after an improper self-installation. A professional could have the ductless system installed in a matter of hours, meaning a whole house could be converted to ductless systems within a week. This is nothing compared to the installation of HVAC systems that rely on ductwork, meaning a very lengthy and invasive installation process.

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