One of the biggest mistakes I made when I was a new homeowner was failing to replace the air filters for the HVAC. Even when my wife was telling me to call the HVAC company, I never got around to doing that. I should have known to change the air filters, the air quality was getting so bad in the house. Eventually, the HVAC machine quit working altogether in the middle of the winter months. When I had to get emergency HVAC services, I learned that the furnace overheated and caused the heat exchanger to crack. This made the HVAC impossible to fix and I ended up having to pay for a brand new HVAC installation. This was a very costly mistake and I will never let it happen again. It would be pretty ridiculous if I couldn’t learn from such a sizable mistake. Now I change the air filters every other month and I use high quality air filters too. This makes it so the air quality in our home is always great, and my wife is really happy that I take good care of the HVAC system now. I even enrolled in an HVAC system maintenance plan which saves me a lot of money in the long run with keeping the HVAC system running strong. With all that money I paid, I really want to be able to take proper care of my investment. I hope I don’t make any other stupid mistakes in the future, I’m really trying to be a responsible homeowner. I’m kind of scared that there is something else major in the house that I’m not thinking about.

HVAC tech