Sometimes I just can’t understand why I stick with this job.

I love being a HVAC technician, but I hate the way we need to work anymore.

I am thinking about just throwing in the retirement card, but I’m not sure that is the right thing to do either. I feel like I was a quitter if I were to quit just because the rules have changed. I used to think that every customer was important and that every HVAC tech should always give 100% to all of their customers, but there comes a time when that doesn’t always work. We recently had a big shake up in our company when the owner of the HVAC company decided we had to change all of our policies so we could compete with the new HVAC company. I thought this was ridiculous when he first started talking his nonsense. I sat down and talked to him and told him that our customers were always number one, and it needed to remain that way. He told me that if we wanted to stay open, we needed to find some way that we could give the same service the bigger company was giving. We didn’t have the manpower to operate a 24 hour a day service company. Our HVAC techs were already tired and worn out, just keeping up with the customers we currently had. I told him that I thought we needed to concentrate on giving excellent service to our current customers, and their loyalty would keep us working even with all of the competition in our area..


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