My husband recently got a new job that required us to move across the country.

We had lived together in the same area since we were kids and I was not ready for a new climate. We grew up in a tropical climate that didn’t get cold weather at all. We didn’t have cold winter temperatures and we never even had a reason to have a heating system in our house. However, the new town that we were going to experienced extreme winter weather. I am talking many inches of snow each year and really bad snow storms. I knew that this kind of weather would take us a while to get used to but I wasn’t quite expecting it to be as bad as it actually was during the winter. I have never used a furnace before, so the idea of an annual furnace tune-up was a foreign idea to me. I had no idea that people would call the local HVAC company months before the winter and have their furnaces tuned up. Where we are from it makes sense to have your air conditioner serviced, but I never even thought about my furnace when we moved into our new home. I really hope that we can get a HVAC company out to the house soon because there is supposed to be a bad snow storm in a couple of weeks and the last thing we want is to have our furnace stop working during a bad winter storm.