Our friends daughter is getting married and she is very excited about it.

Wedding planning is all she has been talking about for the last year and, quite frankly, it has become annoying.

We all have children that have gotten married so we get where she is coming from but some of the choices she is making are, at best, awful. Take the location for the bridal shower. She decided that having at the local park was the best place for it. We didn’t get that because there is no way of knowing what the weather will be like when you book a place three month in advance. It could be cold and rainy or hot and miserable. Somehow it never seems to be the perfect day that you envision. It is now the middle of June, and sure enough, the weather forecast for the day of the shower is calling for passing thunderstorms. The shower is in three days so my friend is trying to come up with an alternate location that has air conditioning. So far she has not had any luck. She said she could try and have it at her home but has nowhere to seat sixty people. The day will be miserable if she has to try and use the large shelter at the park as it will be hot and muggy for sure. Even if she plugs in large fans it won’t really help that much. I have a few ideas that may work so I will give her a call later today. The local volunteer fire department has a large hall that is air conditioned. Maybe she can rent that space. It is not a beautiful setting like a park, but at least her guest will be comfortable.

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