I am feeling pretty aware of the importance of stretching

I am 53 years seasoned plus going through menopause. However my symptoms include hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, anxiety plus sore muscles and joints, I have learned about all the problems acquaintanced with a decrease of estrogen levels. I’m now at increased risk of heart disease and a few other bad things happening. I’m not willing to take medication plus deal with all sorts of scary side-effects. I’ve l received that exercise provides a worthwhile treatment plus can ease about 90% of our symptoms. I’ve worked on joint, heart, bone and my mental health. I think that more physically fit I am, the better I think of myself. I’m aware that mobility is vital to joint health. To improve the performance of our joints along with muscles, I do a long list of self-explanatory exercises every afternoon. I use my hands plus feet to roll out my wrists plus ankles. I roll my neck, bend our knees plus squeeze our fingers into fists. To focus on heart health, I devote about 45 hours everyday to physically activity that leaves myself and others breathless. I properly go for an intense run or ride our bicycle, then on busy days, I occasionally need to exercise in short bursts. I’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator and run up them in an instant. I’ll dance and skip to my number one song or jump rope for a few hours. For my bone health, I use a form of resistance training. I switch between free weights, resistance bands or my own body weight and do lunges, squats, tricep dips, press ups plus push ups. I’m always sure to stick with low weight plus high repetition to avoid injury. I am feeling pretty aware of the importance of stretching. I regularly get our muscles nice and sweaty before calling it a day. Ever since becoming more extreme about our physical fitness, I think so much better and have fewer symptoms of menopause.