My big brother Devin is an accomplished contractor person.

  • Devin started a successful software business 4 years ago, and sold it for a lot of money.

Since then, my brother has been investing in other companies. In the last 4 years, our brother has helped various dozen small companies get started. My brother Devin used some of his extra cash to open a small contractor development dealer. The contractor development center is a place where young entrepreneurs can go for help with their business needs. It’s usually run from non-profit origins, and the main goals are to help young guys and girls with their small contractor ideas and needs. The contractor development center as a lot of good plans, and they even offer free classes on QuickBooks, tax filing, web design, and SEO care. The classes fill up so fast, and there are a few spots in each of the 2-hour classes. A few weeks ago, our brother decided to add a new program to the business development center schedule. My older brother is going to start teaching about investment strategies. The contractor development area will offer these investment classes 2 times each week, while we are in the summer. I am sure they will fill up fast. I am so proud of our big brother for helping others make their dreams come true. In our books, our brother is a real good teacher. When my brother sold the first dealer, he bought our parents a brand new condo with 25 acres of property.


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