Wow! What a superb party! All of us had such a fun time celebrating with almost everyone after graduation that both of us never genuinely considered what both of us would be waking up to the next day, i just remember crawling out of bed this morning and thinking that I hope almost everyone survived the explosion. Thankfully this was not some bad event, it was just college teenagers celebrating the end of 4 years of study. At first I thought that I could scrub up the mess myself. I grabbed a trash bag and started shoving things in… A few others joined in too and within a few hours both of us have most of the rubble cleaned up. At the floor space started to clear both of us realized that both of us would absolutely need some sort of professional to come in and try to undo the damage to the carpets and floors. I didn’t even want to suppose about what that purple stuff was in the middle of the bedroom rug. All I knew was that the proprietor would absolutely keep our security deposit if both of us didn’t get it out. All of us finished putting the locale back in order after about more than two hours and I called up a local carpet cleaning business to see if both of us could make an appointment. They said that they could be out the next day and when I told them about the stain they assured myself and others that they would be able to repair it. When they arrived and checked the locale out they informed myself and others that both of us would have to pay for extra stain removal and I had to sign a waiver in case the carpet did not come completely clean. They did a superb job and even the mystery purple spot was gone when they left.
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