My Dad was coming for a visit and she had never seen my locale before.

I rented a small flat on the upper West side and I enjoyed the village.

There are open air markets, artisan shops, and there is always some sort of festival on the weekends. I was a bit sad about mom’s visit because she is honestly particular about the way things are. Growing up the house was always spick and span and never had anything out of site. I worked difficult the month before to try and make everything perfect. As headed to the airport I took a single last look around and decided that the locale looked pretty good. I felt it may even pass the “Dad inspection”. Boy was I wrong! She walked in and got that look of disapproval on her face. When I asked her about it she simply said, “What is that smell?”. My first thought was, what smell? I had cleaned the locale from top to bottom and I knew that there was no way it smelled of anything bad. The filter in the a/c had been changed so I knew that it was giving off scrub air. Then, it dawned on me. I had not had the carpets cleaned since I moved in. I have more than 2 pets and I am sure that the smell from them, and just life in general is ground into the carpets. I called a local carpet cleaning repair and arranged for them to come do the job while Dad and I were going out for the day. My neighbor let them in and made sure that the job was done respectfully. Dad and I spent the day shopping and sightseeing and when both of us returned the locale smelled awesome. Everything was fresh and clean.


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