During that time, we noticed the area getting smaller and smaller.

My wife had a small mole on her back when we met. I never said anything when we were dating, but we talked about it before we got married. I wanted my wife to be healthy, and I thought it was important. She knew the mole was there. After a few years, the mole started to get bigger. I noticed the difference and made my wife aware. The next time she was at the doctor’s office for an appointment, she asked the doctor to look at the lesion. The doctor suggested cryosurgery to remove the mole. The doctor also suggested cryosurgery for another mole on the base of her neck. The doctor explained the entire procedure, so neither one of us were scared or alarmed. It was quite simple really, and the doctor made the procedure a lot less intimidating. He used a canister filled with liquid nitrogen. It looked like something from a machine shop and not a hypoallergenic office. It only took a few seconds to freeze each mole. After the cryosurgery was complete, the doctor told us to go home and watch the area for changes. We also made an appointment to return three weeks later. During that time, we noticed the area getting smaller and smaller. It wasn’t completely gone, when we finally had a visit to the primary care office. I returned to the doctor’s office with my wife, and he was happy with the results from the first cryosurgery. I thought we woulnd need a second round, but the doctor assured us that things were progressing smoothly.


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