We are a family of giants. Nobody in my family is under 6 feet tall. My husband is actually closer to 7 feet tall. Because of our height, a lot of things are difficult. Flying on airplanes is a pain since we have too long of legs for the small foot space. Clothing never fits are lean and tall frames. Furniture buying was always annoying too. The standard couch size was too low to the ground and shallow for our bodies. It made sitting in the living room uncomfortable. The kitchen table was too low and the chairs were not the right size either. I looked around online for what other tall people did. I found one person that said they get everything made by a custom furniture store. I looked around and found a custom furniture store and told them my issues. Apparently these people do make furniture pieces to the size of the home a lot. For rooms that are oddly shaped the furniture is made to the right size. The custom builder said he would definitely make our kitchen dining set for the size of my family instead. We each came in and got measured. The kitchen table is taller than a typical one and the chairs have longer legs. I even custom ordered a couch that sits higher and the cushion seats are further back into the couch, making it longer. Every furniture piece we got at that store is amazing. The quality is superior and my family is so comfortable. I plan to next have them add some length to my bed.

Tuscan furniture