My new HVAC device was put in this past week and I’m stoked. It is so great to finally have a new heating and cooling unit. The amazing difference it made was immediate. Our house was cooled down that day in nearly half the time it took the old unit. I deliver a lot of credit to the old HVAC system we had because it gave us great comfort for over 17 years. However, this new updated heating and cooling device is state of the art in comparison. The current SEER rating is over 25 and there are a multitude of other efficiencies I honestly don’t quite understand. There is a desuperheater valve installed that will utilize wasted heat to heat the water in our warm tub instead of a separate heater. This new device also comes with a variable speed motor or ECM. The little ECM allows the system to start up and stop much more slowly which naturally save energy. This new HVAC device is simply awesome for us and the bills. Yet, there were some actually pressing details that still had to be seen to when we bought it. I instantly signed up for the HVAC company’s seasonal maintenance program. It is simply a must, even when dealing with a brand new HVAC unit, that professional maintenance is performed twice yearly. Doing anything else is simply a dreadful mistake. Over 85 percent of emergency HVAC maintenance calls are usually due to problems that would have been caught during respected maintenance hy a professional. And, not having your HVAC device properly maintained can also work to void the warranty. Our service is set up for the next five years. Now, I can just kick back and like the great HVAC comfort.


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