I booked a flight so I could fly lake house from our daughter’s house, down south.

I had a free ride down to our daughter’s, however this was the only way I was going to get home. I decided that this was definitely going to be the last time I would fly again, because he was moving back up north and nearer to me. I booked a first class ticket on the airplane. It cost me extra money, although I was hoping it would be more comfortable than going economy. I had a great time at our daughter’s even if I did stay inside the lake house the entire time. When I left our home, it was only 58 degrees and it was raining. When I got to our daughter’s, it was 95 and the humidity was off the charts. The only locale I was comfortable was when I was inside the lake house with the air conditioning. By the end of the week I was ready to go home. I got to the airport and I was gleeful to go first class. I got onto the plane and I was a bit disappointed. The seats were a bit more comfortable, however there wasn’t much elbow room. The only thing that was really different, was the air conditioning. The air conditioning was perfect in first class. I had the air conditioning blowing down on me, although I couldn’t rest. I was worried to get lake house and see our hubby. I turned off the A/C when the seat belt sign came back on, and both of us were getting ready to land. I forgot about the first class seat and could only tell our hubby that I missed him.

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