Something I found out recently while reading an article from the national HVAC association, is that cleaning your air ducts can assist in better air quality in your home! This is something I would have never even thought of to be honest.

I already knew about cleaning the actual ductwork of your central heating and air conditioning system, and how that can improve air quality, but thinking about the air ducts was complete news to me! And the whole article made a lot of sense as well! The national HVAC association suggested that it is very wise to get your air ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

By having the air ducts cleaned in that time, you can improve the air flow in your home, and the quality of the air itself. The good thing about air duct cleaning, is the fact that it’s something you can do yourself. Of course, that is if your air ducts are reachable without any special equipment. If you live in a mansion or somewhere that has very high vaulted ceilings, of course, you will need to call a heating and air conditioning professional to do the cleaning of the air ducts. There would be no way you could reach those on your own. Not to mention, I don’t think you would want to take the risk of being up that high and falling, just to clean your air ducts. At least, that’s my personal feeling on it all. Anyway, I thought the whole article was good advice to live by!

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