I just love all kinds of movies.

I often make a pilgrimage to local theatres to watch old and new movies.

I have a huge film collection and watch each of them all the time. Because I am passionate about films, I have added a theater to my house. I learned that is an actual interior design choice. I guess a lot of people like to watch movies at home. I hired an interior designer, who was recommended by a friend of mine. I wanted to make the home theater look like an old-fashioned viewing room. I hoped it would have that feel of black-and-white films and1920’s movie stars. I insisted on rch black curtains to block out sunlight. I asked for very low to the ground chairs with thick cushions. I have included several couches, ottomans and other cushioned furniture and everything faces a big screen. I asked a custom builder for shelves to house my movie collection. These shelves line the walls of the room, making everything easily accessible. I also required a custom built stand under the projector to hide the cords and any remotes I might need later on. The room looks just perfect The interior designer was experienced with the home theater style. She suggested that the room colors are of darker shades, and they blend well together. The furniture was custom built and from hardwood. The quality is unmistakable. Everything is perfect height and size for the space and comfort. I still attend films, but not as much. My home theater is designed and built to my specifications. It is far better than theater in town. My enjoyment is complete.

Custom couches