The torrential rains that have plagued the South of late are horrific.

Many people have lost all of their belongings and I can’t even imagine how devastating this is. Every one of us are fortunate up North to have been spared much of this exhausting weather and several of us are trying to help where every one of us can. Donation sites are accepting help, church groups are going to help with clean up efforts, and power companies are sending extra manpower to restore utilities. One section that several people don’t think of is the amount of pets that are displaced during these events. Shelters in those areas are under water too and the pets need to be evacuated too. Many pets are lost, abandoned, or disfigured too so our pet shelters are trying to help by rehoming several of the a singles from that area. Our local SPCA has brought in trailers to set up temporary kennels and housing. They even have extra medical facilities to treat any wounded pets that arrive. With all of the additional space there is a extreme need for funding. Each trailer must be weather conditions controlled and the air needs to be filtered properly too. They have set up donation place that are recognizably for purchasing and maintaining the Heating and Air Conditioning units that will be installed in each space. I decided to donate to that because I think that if our little fur baby was displaced I would want them to be in a clean comfortable space to help ease the anxiety of their fears. I system on volunteering as well if I can find the time. Just sitting with these pets and allowing them some comfort would mean a wonderful deal to them.

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