This week has been full of nothing but terrible news.

It feels like I keep getting gut punched in the dark over and over again.

When we bought our house it needed a total HVAC replacement immediately, I mean before we could even transfer in. My attractive wifey and I negotiated down this as area of the final sale price of the home. Our personal HVAC business came out to be certain the original duct system could be properly integrated with a new heating and cooling unit. That inspection all checked out so his crew hooked up our new, state of the art HVAC system for us. The two of us were both so thrilled to have great HVAC comfort situated in our new home. Considering the HVAC system was brand new at the time, I passed on the seasonal maintenance plan. My thinking was that I could easily save some money for a few years and then start the maintenance program. Okay, flash foward, so here we are today some 4 years later. I hear an ugly sound coming directly from the outside HVAC component. The fan on the condenser device seized up on us and there was a bit of smoke. I went inside and shut everything off very quickly before I called the HVAC folks. The HVAC tech came out this afternoon for us. The condenser device is done. The HVAC tech showed myself and others what had failed. Unfortunately, had I been getting seasonal HVAC maintenance, he said, it would have been undoubtedly found and replaced. Instead, the machine is broken and the warranty is totally void. I don’t guess whether or not I should cry or bang my head against the wall.