I task for the town planners office, and coordinate all kinds of public events that the people I was with and I host.

Yes the town planner is who oversees the logistics and outlay of the city, the best locales for roads, zoning, and all of that exciting stuff.

You probably didn’t know they host a lot of parties, too, for grand opening, groundbreaking ceremonies, and planning parties. I seriously feel more like an event coordinator than a municipal employee, but I am not actually whining because the food is always fantastic. I have made some nice contacts in local businesses, which is really good for me because I depend on commercial printing services a lot more than I would have thought. For all of these massive public events the people I was with and I need a good amount of signs and graphics, and while I can design them myself I have to take them to a supplier to have them printed. Getting all kinds of posters made to advertise local events happens pretty much every single week, in addition to menus, name badges, buttons, banners, and a hundred other things that easily require commercial printing. I don’t want to say how much my department spends on printing every year, however believe me when I say it would blow you away! If the people I was with and I didn’t have access to a commercial printer and a laminator, then the county would have to blow a whole decade’s budget just to buy the right equipment. I have developed a pretty great relationship with the staff at the printing service company the people I was with and I use, which is convenient because now I can just text in my orders and get them when I have the time.