I was walking for what seemed like a hundred miles.

I had decided to go on a walk with some friends of mine, and I was realizing just how out of shape I was.

I saw a little girl go by with one of those handheld personal air conditioners and I almost grabbed it out of her hands. My friends were well ahead of me, and they didn’t even seem to be out of breath. They were talking and laughing as they practically jogged ahead of me. I thought about turning around and going home, but I didn’t know if that would be shorter than to keep going. I got up and started walking again. I walked for about a half mile and I could see my friends sitting down, far in the distance. They were relaxing under a roof. The closer I got, I realized it was a pavilion and I saw an air conditioner. I nearly ran to get up to the pavilion so I could sit beneath the air conditioning. I just wanted to feel the cool air blow down on me. As I approached them, they stood up and told me they were glad I had caught up with them. They were now ready to take the last leg of the walk and get back into the car. I must have looked deflated and they probably thought I was going to cry. They sat back down and waited while I took a couple of long gulps of air conditioned air. I only had to take one more long walk and I could go home to my own air conditioning.