One day, a good buddy of mine recommended this great book series.

I wasn’t trying to buy any books, so I decided to go to the library to see if they actually had the book series.

Not only did they have the series, but they had the books and the audio cds for the series. I didn’t want to spoil the series so I decided to check out the books. I was actually very impressed by the air conditioning and air quality in the library. I asked the librarian about the climate control system, and she said they just had it upgraded. They had a very energy efficient A/C system with a quality air purification system. I decided to check out one book at a time, which was nice because I was able to come back after I finished each book and I always enjoyed the relaxing air conditioning in the library every time I came back. Then when I was going to check out the last book, there was this other lady that went to grab it at the same time as me. There was just the one book available. I told her she could take it because I could wait. She said that was so sweet and asked me if I would like to go out for coffee sometime. We actually shared a lot of similar interests and ended up dating each other. She finished the book as fast as possible so I could read it too. After I finished it, we talked forever about how much we loved that book and also the nice climate control system at the library.


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