I always try to make sure that I’m keeping up with my lawn in the summer.

I don’t want to be that neighbor that lets his lawn get so long and the weeds just take over the flower bed.

Luckily I’m not like that. But I always seem to mow my lawn and do the landscaping all last minute. Reason being is that I have a very rigorous work schedule and sometimes by the time I get home it’s almost 8 in the evening and the last thing I want to do is any kind of lawn work. Of course my neighbors lawns always look better than mine. As long as I don’t let my house get all overgrown and I get it done every few weeks than I don’t see what the issue is. One weekend I was weeding the flower bed that was near the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit was making some really weird noises. The sound sounded like metal hitting each other. I knew that this most likely was not a good sign and it could really harm the unit. I immediately called my local heating and cooling service technician. Since it was going to be a few hours until he would arrive at my home, I decided to shut down my air conditioning system. When the hvac serviceman got to my home a few hours later he told me that it was smart that I turned off the air conditioning system because if it kept running it could ruin the fan blades and possibly the motor as well. After a few hours of doing what the heating and cooling technician is trained for, he was able to fix the loud metal noise.