I thought my Summer task at the camp would be a wonderful time, even though I guess it wasn’t the first time I was wrong about something… The task ended up being so much more difficult than featured, and not because of the young campers! The little youngsters attending the camp were mostly pretty easy to deal with, but most of the task involved very difficult or uncomfortable labor and not just hanging with the little campers. I had to split wood and mow sod, clean dishes and sometimes even help fix the meals. But without question the worst thing I had to do all Summer long was deal with wasps. During a nature walk the campers disturbed a rather huge wasp nest, and had stirred up the whole colony of them. Because wasps are incredibly territorial and mean, they weren’t satisfied with just stinging those campers they also followed them back to camp. I was charged with finding that wasp nest and destroying it, killing as many of the wasps as I could manage. It’s a good thing they had some wasp spray, which blasts out hard and can spray for over 20 feet so you don’t have to get overly close. After I hit it with the spray I ran up and dumped a great deal of gasoline all over the wasp nest, lit a match, and started running like a wild person. An hour later I went back with a fire extinguisher to be sure the fire didn’t spread, and to check the damages to the wasp nest. They were mostly all killed, even though I still got a few wasp stings anyway.



Wasp Removal