As a person who has owned a house for the past fifteen years, I’ve eventually come to realize 1 thing that’s absolutely true, you have to stay on top of your heating plus a/c maintenance if you want to get any kind of longevity out of your oil furnace or A/C.

When my partner and I first moved into our house, the Heating as well as A/C device was brand modern because the entire house was brand new! We ended up paying very little attention to our heating plus cooling plan for the next few years, and really, other than changing our the air filters plus the oil furnace filters three or four times a year, both of us didn’t really even think about our oil furnace or my main a/c unit, and we later began to regret being neglectful of our Heating as well as A/C plan last year when our heating system stopped working. After that we called over to my local oil furnace maintenance dealer to come take a look at our oil oil furnace plus when she got there, she just shook her head. She patiently explained to us that there were a lot of little things that had gone wrong inside of our oil furnace plan over the years, and since both of us hadn’t reached out for any heating maintenance, all of the little things that had gone wrong had turned into big things! Since the oil furnace had a lot wrong with it, both of us ended up spending a large amount of money on oil furnace repairs that were completely avoidable, i l gained my lesson, though. The minute that the Heating as well as A/C tech repaired the oil furnace, I had him sign us up for the monthly oil furnace maintenance program. I’m literally never going to let a lot of small repairs turn into a fancy big maintenance ever again!
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