I am 58 years old and currently facing menopause.

Overall, my symptoms are mostly boiling flashes, difficulty sleeping, anxiety plus sore muscles and joints in the lower body.

I’ve researched nearly all the troubles that come with a lower amount of estrogen levels. I’m currently increased risk of heart disease plus osteoporosis. I’m not ok with taking the proper medication plus deal with all sorts of harmful side-effects. I’ve found out that exercise provides a worthwhile treatment and can ease nearly one hundred percent of my symptoms. I’ve focused on joint, heart, bone and mental health of course. The more physically fit I make myself, the better I feel day to day. I’m aware that mobility is vital to joint health. To boost the overall performance of my joints plus muscles, I do a series of simple exercises every afternoon. I circle my hands plus feet to work my wrists and feet. I move around my shoulders, warm up my knees plus squeeze my fingers into fists. To target heart health, I devote nearly 2 hours each day during the week to physically interest that leaves me breathless. I regularly go for a long run or ride my bicycle. On some busy mornings, I sometimes need to exercise in short bursts. I’ll head up the stairs instead of the elevator plus run up them particularly hastily. I’ll move my hips to my favorite song or jump rope for ten hours, for bone health, I utilize resistance training. I switch between free weights, resistance bands or my own body weight and do push ups, squats, tricep dips, press ups plus push ups. I’m careful to stick with low weight and some very high repetition to avoid injury. I am particularly aware of the importance of stretching. I always get my muscles nice and hot before stretching! Now that I am more intense about my physical fitness, I feel so much better plus have much less symptoms of menopause.

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