There have been all sorts of heating and cooling system products over the years.

The equipment has evolved tremendously over the last numerous decades.

The purpose of the HVAC equipment is to control your central heating and cooling system. It’s no surprise that the newer the thermostat is, the better it will function. At the start of central heating and cooling systems, you had a tiny metal dial for a thermostat, along with a box looking thermostat. You could change the temperature of your home by sliding a little plastic bar across. The box looking control units were a terrible thermostat, because they would break super easily. A few years later, the digital thermostat was introduced to the HVAC market. The digital equipment is still in a lot of homes today. Depending on the model you have, they work really well for most people. The biggest concern with a digital thermostat is that it requires a battery. This can cause concerns when the battery dies or goes low. Your central heating and cooling system doesn’t work without the battery. The most recent HVAC invention, is the smart thermostat. The smart equipment can be controlled from an app you downloaded on your phone or computer. Also, the smart equipment is the best on the market if you’re looking to be energy efficient and save money in the long run. The future is here, and there are a ton of benefits to the world of heating and cooling.
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