My wife and I work from home, and the indoor atmosphere has to always be nice.

If the temperature is off, the people I was with and myself easily get distracted from getting any work done.

My partner doesn’t allow for very much problems inside of the house, but I really wanted to add an additional cooling component to the basement. My office absolutely ended up being in the basement, where the cooling plant, air vents, and heating equipment don’t reach. Most of the year, the basement is climate controlled because it has to be underground. The people I was with and myself have a moderate temperature area throughout most of the Year. Still, there are times when the air is filled with moisture. It causes coughing and sneezing for me, and my wife thinks that it affects her allergies as well. During last summer, we had a lot of moisture in the basement and I was worried about mold problems. The people I was with and myself absolutely contacted our heating equipment and cooling plant manager. We requested an in-house service appointment, and they recommended that we purchase a dehumidifier. Since the basement is full of humidity, the dehumidifier it was actually a great idea. The dehumidifier works very well to get rid of excess moisture. Unfortunately, we purchased a cheap dehumidifier that fills up with water. The small bottle needs to be emptied every couple of hours, or the dehumidifier will start to leak all over the place. It’s not the perfect system, but at least the indoor air quality feels a whole lot better.


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