I don’t know about where you live, but where I live it gets so cold in the winter. Taking a hot shower can help warm up my old bones, but every hot shower ends with the same problem. It’s so cold when you get out! Then as soon as you’re in your warm clothes, you gotta walk on the cold floors. That’s why I want to install heated floors in my house. The best part of having heated floors would be having a warm, comfortable house and not needing traditional heating. Sometimes, when it’s really cold outside, turning the heat or radiator all the way up will dry out the air and cause havoc on my sinuses. Blowing hot air through the vents and the HVAC system can have that effect sometimes and can also blow dust and allergens around the house, if I haven’t changed the filter in a while. With heated floors, since the heat doesn’t blow through the house, but radiates, I would have as much trouble with my head feeling stuffy. Not just in the bathroom, either. I want a HVAC company to come install heated floors in my whole house. Especially the kitchen! With the radiate heat that comes off the floors, I can heat the whole house from top to bottom. The radiators work great, but since they heat the air around them first, sometimes it takes a while before the whole room is warm. Then there are always cold spots in the room, too. If the floors were heated, then my toes would stay cozy (yay!) and the heat would radiate up throughout the whole room. And in the winters around here, I could really use something like that.

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