There are various types of heating, ventilation & A/C system products on the market, which have come a long way over the years.

Along with the advancements in the HVAC industry, have been advancements in thermostats.

All thermostats are designed to control the central heating plus a/c system. However, the better the thermostat is, the better it will work in your home. Way back in the beginning of central heating, ventilation and A/C systems, you had a chunky dial for a thermostat. There was also a box looking control, which was set by turning the dial. You could also slide a smaller plastic bar looking thing across the control units, which was possibly the worst kind of control unit to date. Then, the digital thermostat was created. The digital thermostat is still around to this day. Depending on the kind of digital thermostat you have, there are some that require a battery. This can cause headaches for some, because when the battery goes low or dies, you have to have it replaced. Your central heating, ventilation & A/C system won’t work until you replace the battery. Now, the smart thermostat has been introduced. The smart thermostat is honestly awesome. It can be managed from anywhere in the whole world through an app on your mobile device or computer. The smart thermostat is the best thermostat on the market if you’re searching to be more energy efficient with your home. The future is here, and there are tons of benefits to the world of heating plus cooling to come.

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