I’m a very picky person, and I don’t really mind admitting it. I’m picky about a lot of things: my clothing, my cars, my furniture, and even the food I eat. I am especially picky about which restaurants I go to. I’m almost as interested in the indoor air quality in a restaurant as I am in the food that they serve there. My favorite place to go is this Chinese restaurant with a big buffet. We go there to eat almost every week, and it’s not just because they have great sushi! They also have great indoor air quality inside this restaurant. The management must make their heating and cooling system a top priority, because every single time that we’ve been in there to eat lunch or dinner, the thermostat is set at just the right temperature. I like going there because the crispy noodles are always fried just right, and the crab rangoon is creamy and delicious. But I also love the fact that in the summertime when the temperature outside is burning hot, the indoor air quality inside the restaurant is always the perfect temperature. It’s never too cold, but there’s usually a nice gentle breath of cooling fresh air blowing out from the A/C vents. And it’s the same thing in the wintertime. You know how some places tend to overdo it with the heating system in the wintertime? Not this place. The furnace is always running at just the right pace and the temperature is never too hot. It’s always cozy and just right for me to enjoy the indoor air quality as I eat my wonton soup and drink my hot tea.


Mini split air conditioner