There was a slight frighten recently that the two of us had this past winter.

This Wintertide was really legitimately frosty plus wet.

There were enormous snowfall amounts plus the two of us had to experience that nightmare. At times it felt love Wintertide was never going to end. I honestly remember watching the news plus seeing the weatherman stating firmly that the two of us were getting almost 4 ft of snow in 1 day. There immediately were state emergencies warning people to get off of roads and stay inside. I made sure to increase the temperature on our temperature control that day, so I set it to 69 degrees. I wanted enough heat in our house so the miserable two of us would not be cold. Just as I was increasing the indoor temperature on the temperature control plus the heat pump kicked on it was as if our house was getting colder! didn’t make any sense to me. It actually turns out that after having our heating plus cooling professional come plus quickly take a look at it before the snowstorm came, she took care of that our onboard heat pump component was running in a/c mode plus there was a very low refrigerant charge. Thankfully the two of us were able to have our entire heating plus cooling professional complete the problem within 2 hours right before the snow started falling. There was no way for myself and others to possibly repair this issue, it had to be fixed by a heating plus cooling professional, not me. Plus I have no idea what I would be fixing i would not want to make the little problem bigger.

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