I love collecting books that are old, rare, or just significant in some way, but i have aged boy scout manuals from the early 1940’s, plus first editions of some locally known authors.

It’s a nice little collection I’m building up here, but let me tell you – this can be an extravagant hobby for reasons you wouldn’t consider, one of the largest expenses is keeping our learn room perfectly cool, and at the precise level of humidity! Since the rest of our house is generally cool and dry, the house isn’t impacted much by this room receiving “special treatment”.

I have a powerful central air conditioner, which can divert additional flow to the learn room when required; Plus, there’s a powerful air purification plan running at all times in our home, and this helps to keep pollen, dirt, dust and other air pollutants out of our house, as they can wreak havoc on the aged books, finally, I have a dehumidifier built into the heating and A/C plan for the house. This is perfect for keeping the house dry, as excess humidity can make these aged texts slowly warp and fall apart in time. It’s not simple to keep this stuff together and in 1 piece – especially with visitors and guests at our house always trying to thumb through them! But, with the common environment, these books should last for decades to come, then all they need is cool, dry air – and between our air conditioning system, dehumidifier and media air cleaner, the people I was with and I should be covered.
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