My family has been really struggling with money for the past few months.

I tried to work some overtime, but I have officially capped out the amount of overtime I am allowed to take.

So, I have been trying to think of some creative ways for me to make extra money each month. I decided that the best thing for me to do is to look for a second job. I started looking for a new job only and surprising found some really great options. The most flexible part time job I found was for a local HVAC company that was wanting to hire someone to work in their warehouse for five to ten hours a week. This is exactly what I was looking for and I called the HVAC company right away to see if I could schedule an interview. I was actually looking forward to meeting with the HVAC company because it sounded like I would be perfect for the job. I didn’t tell my wife about the interview because I didn’t want to get her hopes up. However, I was so happy to make the call to her after the interview and tell her I got the job! I am really looking forward to working for a HVAC company and learning new skills about heating and cooling equipment. I think this will help us save even more money in the long run if I can work on our HVAC system without having to call an HVAC company to come out to the house.



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