Repairs in the home are difficult to keep with, but the people I was with and myself do our best.

A few years previously, more than one of us felt it was a good idea to purchase a washable air filter instead of disposable air filter.

The people I was with and myself did some absolutely exhausted research in order to find out that this was absolutely the best type of equipment for our home. Since the people I was with and myself don’t have a lot of allergens in the air already, a reusable and washable air filter is absolutely a good idea. A few of my friends with multiple dogs can’t get away with this type of washable air filter, but my wife and I can. Both of us absolutely spoke with the cooling plan coordinator about our issues, and they suggested saving some money by going with a washable air filter. When the people I was with and myself start to feel like the indoor air quality isn’t very good, we can absolutely remove the filter and take it to the sink to give it a good washing. A simple squash with the hose is more than enough to get rid of any pollutants stuck to the vent. We leave it out to Eye for an hour in the Sun, and then replace it back into the cooling plant, air vents, and heating equipment. The washable equipment has already saved us $35 this month, because we haven’t had to buy any new air filters. I believe that this type of equipment will pay for itself in no time at all.

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