It was a dark and stormy night and the power decided to go out. The lightning outside was kind of scary and the kids were afraid. Fortunately, I had a back up generator installed in our home a few years back, so I got that up and running. With the generator working, we were able to keep the air conditioning on as well as the lights. We were even able to watch TV which was great. We then heard a knock at our door and it was the neighbors. They said they saw our lights on and they were suffering from the power outage. We invited them in and helped them to dry off with some towels. They asked how our power wasn’t affected and I explained that I had a backup generator. I said that we had our air conditioning working and everything and I had a decent amount of fuel to keep the generator working for days. I figured the power would cut back on eventually. I decided to check on my cell phone and the estimated power restoration was another 8 hours or so. The storm was pretty bad and there was probably a tree that fell on some power lines. So we let the neighbors stay over and sleep on the furniture. They were really grateful for our hospitality and the fact that we had working air conditioning. At that point, I wouldn’t have been surprised if some of the other neighbors decided to come over. We were all happy the power was restored in the morning and the neighbors took us out to a nice breakfast for helping them get through the night with the relaxing A/C.


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