Me and a group of buddies act sort of like the people on the TV show “Friends”. We always love to hang out at this coffee shop, but mainly because of the excellent air conditioning and the fact that the place is so comfortable. We also have a friend in our group who loves to sing karaoke and play the guitar. He’s honestly not all that talented but we tell him his music is great just to make him feel good. Well, one day he was telling us all that because we loved his music so much, he was thinking about auditioning for the TV show “The Voice”. This show is basically for the most talented singers, and he definitely was not that talented. We all agreed that we had to break the news to him to save him from embarrassing himself. So we broke it to him like ripping off a band-aid. We said straight up that his music was awful and he really wasn’t that great at playing the guitar or singing. We said we mainly just put up with it because we loved hanging out at the coffee shop with the nice climate control and we didn’t want to hurt his feelings. He was really mad about this and said we were just jealous because he was a great musician and he was soon going to be famous. We were shocked that he actually believed he was so talented. He agreed that the climate control system was amazing and that was probably why he played such good music, but said we were terrible friends for saying he wasn’t good. Later on we talked to him after the audition and he said the judges laughed at him. He admitted that we were right, but we disagreed and said if he kept on practicing he could only get better. So he kept on playing music at the coffee shop with the excellent climate control system and good air quality.

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