I have possibly been overly happy as soon as I rolled out of bed this day.

This particular week is finally the time that all of us get our modern Heating and A/C unit installed.

The Heating and A/C pros already came out yepterday to double check everything was in order and ripped out the outdated system. The ductwork we had needed a bit of resealing and rehanging. The ducts weren’t sagging all over the place everywhere and only needed a few to be repositioned. Strangely, I have also regularly tried to be cognizant of the air ducts. I’ve heard that’s not usual. I even have them cleaned by professionals every few year because I care.. Now, all that is left is for the Heating and A/C pros to put in my brand new high tech updated Heating and A/C unit. Replacing the outdated Heating and A/C unit with one that officially has a SEER rating of over 26 will absolutely have a good impact on the utility bill. This expensive but modern heat pump also comes with a variable speed motor which also helps with energy efficiency. The variable speed motor cuts down a huge deal on the wasted energy while I was in Heating and A/C start up. High speed power is only necessary when the temps outside are scorching. The variable speed fan we operate is called an electronically commutated motor or ECM. These simple type motors are able to start and stop slowly which makes a big acculuative difference in energy usage. The coolest thing about having the modern heat pump is that it will heat my tepid tub! That means, not only is the heat pump heating my tepid tub, but it’s doing 20 percent more efficiently that an electric heater. Maybe I am a bit too excited. But I don’t think so.


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