My partner plus I started a cleaning supplier in 2006.

In the beginning, things were incredibly slow. It took a long while to build our initial customer list, but after 10 years, my partner plus I made the decision to expand. Both of us started to search for a cheap company rental. Both of us honestly needed space for all of our cleaning supplies, like chemicals, cleaners, brooms, plus mops. My partner plus I searched all of the company rentals in Bradenton, FL, however we were not able to locate anything in our price range. Both of us needed something with at least 300 square feet. Both of us also wanted to get a space with a lot of curb appeal. Both of us spoke with a real estate agency about our needs plus wants, plus they informed us it would be taxing to find something low in cost in Bradenton, FL. The realtor recommended that we try looking elsewhere, unless we could spend more money… Since my partner plus I were cleaning a dozen office buildings in Bradenton, FL, we really needed our office to be there. Both of us searched around the surrounding areas for something entirely different, however we weren’t able to find anything that suited our needs. In the end, we ended up spending a little extra money each month to stay in Bradenton, FL. We’ve been in the same location for numerous years now, plus our sales have increased every single year. Both of us are close to a Regal Cinema, grocery store, plus a bus station, which means we have a great deal of foot traffic. The store is constantly busy, plus we regularly see new plus usual faces alike.

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