My corgi just likes the dog park.

  • She likes playing with the big or small dogs, it doesn’t matter.

It just depends on what other dogs are there. However, as it gets warmer out, less and less dogs are going to the dog park. Recently, all of us have been the only 1s there. That is no fun for Pete. The heat doesn’t bother Pete or I however it must bother other dogs and dog owner. I was looking for more dog parks to check out when I came across an indoor 1 with air conditioning, and you can pay per visit or pay a 1time fee for the year. I decided to see if all of us might find more dogs at an air conditioned park so I loaded up Pete and headed over with all our shot records. I paid for just 1 visit at first however went back and paid for the whole year before all of us left. They deducted the cost of the day visit from the yearly total. There were so many dogs for Pete to play with. And, I have to admit, the air conditioning was really nice. I like that I don’t have to worry about getting a sunburn too. Pete was able to play a lot longer because of the air conditioning too. The best area is that I exchanged contact information with two of the other dog owners so all of us can set up playdates at the air conditioned dog park. This way, all of us know our dogs will always have someone to play with when all of us come to the park, neither Pete nor I wanted to leave.

Air conditioning install