I live in an area where the weather is challenge just about all year round.

We deal with temperatures well below zero during the winter and extreme heat and humidity in the summer.

The cost of heating and cooling is a major part of the budget. I’ve taken every possible measure to prevent energy waste and lessen demand on the air conditioner and furnace. One of the most cost-effective strategies was hiring a local HVAC contractor to replace the insulation in my attic. The insulation in the attic was over twenty years old and had been compromised by moisture and rodents. This made the house more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. The house heated up or cooled down very quickly when the outside temperature rose or fell. We also noticed that the upstairs of the house was typically ten to fifteen degrees warmer than the first floor. Since my family’s bedrooms are located on the upper floor, adding insulation was a good way to improve comfort at night and in the early morning. I was most happy about the lower monthly energy bills. The attic now acts as a barrier between the living space and the outdoors. It keeps my heated and cooled air inside, and allows me to set more conservative temperatures on the thermostat. The HVAC system is no longer forced to work as hard, which uses less energy and lowers my expenses. The smaller workload should translate into fewer furnace and air conditioner malfunctions and a longer service life. Plus, the attic insulation has a noise-dampening effect. I no longer need to worry about the dog barking, kids playing loud music or any of our regular noises bothering the neighbors. We also avoid the disruption of exterior noise pollution.

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